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9th May 2009, 15:00 WST

A 35 year-old man, plucked from the sea off Point Peron this morning after surviving a close encounter with a four-metre great white shark has refused to speak publicly about his ordeal.

The man, who asked police not to reveal his identity and refused requests to be interviewed, told his rescuers earlier today that the shark had circled him four of five times after he fell off his boat while trying to push the man-eater away using an oar.

In an incredible tale of survival the man, from Rockingham, told members of the Rockingham Sea Rescue that after falling in the sea he had tried to stay very still as the shark circled.

He was around three nautical miles offshore and in choppy seas when the terrifying ordeal began.

The incident started just after 7am, west of Point Peron.

Police spokesman Samuel Dinnison said the man had been preparing to drop anchor when he heard a noise behind the boat.

“When he turned around he noticed a shark, described as a 4.5m white pointer, nibbling at the motor,” Mr Dinnison said.

“The man tried to push the shark away with an oar, and in the process dropped the oar in to the water, and fell overboard. The boat drifted away from him before he was able to climb back on board.

“Fortunately, after a period of time in the water with the shark nearby, he was able to draw attention to a passing boat which picked him up.”

The man later told rescuers he had feared for his life as the shark circled.

He said he had stayed as still as he could in an effort to keep the shark from attacking.

The great white had circled several times before disappearing.

It was only then that the man was able to swim towards the shore and attract the attention of another boat which picked him up and took him to safety.

Rockingham Sea Rescue was informed of the ordeal and met the frightened man as he came ashore at Point Peron.

Skipper at the RSR Colin Lowson said the man was shaking when he arrived at the rescue centre.

“The guy was shaken up, very shaken up. It was a big shark and he came face to face with it,” Mr Lowson said.

Water Police interviewed the man and recovered his missing boat, around three or four nautical miles from where he had had the terrifying shark encounter.

An alert was issued by RSR on behalf of the water police warning water users to watch out for the shark.

A spokesman for the Department of Fisheries said the man was well off-shore when the incident happened and in an area where a fishermen could expect to meet a shark.

The spokesman said the shark did not pose a danger to the general public as it was well out to sea.

Mr Dinnison said the incident should act as a reminder to boat users of the importance of wearing life jackets when on the water, especially if alone.

The man’s brush with the shark followed the fatal attack by a shark in December last year at Port Kennedy, several kilometres south of Point Peron, where local man Brian Guest disappeared while snorkelling.

Fragments of a wetsuit believed to belong to Mr Guest were later recovered from the shore but Mr Guest’s remains were never found.

On the day of the attack a shark was later seen cruising off Point Peron.




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