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An anonymous donor will cover the cost of replacing car tyres slashed in a vandal attack at Western Australia’s major children’s hospital.

Nurses returning to their vehicles from 12-hour night shifts were distraught to find tyres had been slashed on their cars some time on Monday night.

Up to 23 cars parked in Princess Margaret Hospital’s secure staff carpark were targeted in the attack.

PMH executive director Philip Aylward has released a statement today saying all affected staff will be reimbursed by a generous donor.

Police are still investigating the crime.

Source  :  www.watoday.com.au


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Two WA businesses have joined forces to resurrect the 80s trend of home trading to give today’s buyers a new approach in the tough economic climate.
Tradehomes.com.au launched last week, in conjunction with OrangeTee Real Estate, to offer a forum where sellers can advertise their properties and negotiate an equal trade for other property, cash or any item with an asset value.
Common trade items include houses, land, vehicles, boats, gold, gems, stocks, bonds and jewellery, providing the traded assets total the value of the property’s price.
Trade Homes Australia director Kara Tripp said the service was nothing new but was giving a new breed of buyers and sellers a fresh option in a difficult market.
“At the end of the day, trading has always been going on behind the scenes, with people exchanging properties for properties etc; we are just creating a forum for people to do it,” Ms Tripp said.
“It is getting harder for some buyers to get finance so it is just thinking outside the box. If they have other assets, such as a boat, it is essentially turning that into property.” 

OrangeTee Real Estate was theexchanging properties for properties, providing support for traders at the negotiation and settlement stages.
“A lot of people get quite daunted when it comes to negotiating deals, so we thought it would be helpful to have experienced real estate agents on board, for people who like the idea but are not comfortable doing it themselves,” Ms Tripp said.
So far, one deal has involved the trade of an apartment for assets that included gemstones and gold.
REIWA president Rob Druitt said the practice was fine as long as it was well managed and researched, with all parties seeking the appropriate valuation and advice before entering into discussions.


LOUISE BAXTER  www.thewest.com.au

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All vehicles in perth wa require a licence which includes third party insurance policy.  This licence is payable

Private Rate – No business use

Standard Rate – All or part business use.

This is available in 6 or 12 month cover.  If the wrong rate is paid and the vehicle is involved in an accident that results in a claim then the owner may be in breach of the insurance policy.

How to pay mail  – Department for planning and infrastructure Payment cente, GPO Box 777 Perth WA 6842.

                                           In person at post office.

                                           Phone 1300 655 322 Mastercard, Visa 24 hour service.

                                            Internet www.dpi.wa.gov.au/licensing click on pay online 24 hour service


STAMP DUTY this needs to be paid on all new and used vehicles calculator available on www.carsguide.com.au

When a person becomes the owner of a licensed vehicle that person is required to apply for the transfer within 14 days, upon receiving an invoice from the licensing services pay the stamp duty and transfer fee within 28 days.

If you are buying a vehicle privately check if there is any money owing on it by calling REVS 1300 304 024

You can get a vehicle inspection by the RAC

This is a detailed external inspection of all mechanical and electrical components including a road test.

It covers the engine, transmission, suspension, steering, brakes, wheels, tyres and bodywork.  It does not include internal examinations or brake essembles.  www.rac.com.au

To book an RAC Vehicle appraisal please call 13 17 03

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