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A Vibrant Community World-class wineries, pristine beaches and a plethora of award-winning restaurants, this area has a lot to offer. And it’s about to offer so much more, with a 10-year enhancement strategy set to bring modern comforts to the famous down south lifestyle. Improvements on the golf course are already well underway, with the prestigious Scott Golf Designs reviewing the layout. Also high on the list of new additions is the clubhouse and resort facilities. And while everything looks on par for construction of these luxury inclusions to commence, we haven’t overlooked the most integral part of Dunsborough Lakes the community. Aspen Living is working closely with Swan Care to plan a retirement development with 150 retirement homes, a 60-bed residential care facility and a fully equipped community centre. There’s even a 12acre feature lake and additional native bushes being planted to attract local bird life. The future is looking good for a beautiful, vibrant community at Dunsborough Lakes.  www.dunsboroughlakes.com.au

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