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I ended up being a bit under the weather last week so the blog post from last week is now this weeks blog post.

While I was off work recuperating, I started thinking again about our very first blog post which looked at the most popular location for graduate jobs in Australia. Our very first blog post was about how Melbourne was the most attractive city for graduate job hunters and re-reading it over the week got me thinking about how ready Australian graduates are to relocate for their first graduate job on leaving university.

From that first blog post we found that 55% of graduate job hunters were interested in Melbourne as a place to take up their first graduate position. This fact gets even more interesting when you consider that only 30% of the visitors to our site were actually based in Melbourne to begin with.

Relocate? Sure why not

Relocate? Sure why not

To take things a step further I thought it would be interesting to have a look at how many graduates were interested in relocating to multiple cities after they had finished up at university, so as you do when you’re sick, I ended up sitting down and hitting our database to see how many graduates were interested in relocating to secure their first graduate job and the results were as follows:

Relocation Locations % of Graduate Respondents
3 39.5%
2 16.5%
1 44%

The Breakdown

This is an interesting insight into the attitude of graduates as they are searching for their first graduate job as it shows 3 distinct mindsets.

Firstly there are the 44% of grads who only want to work in one location after they finish their university studies. My thinking on this is that these graduates either want to work and live in their home town or the town they have relocated to for university.

The next group which accounts for 16% of graduates are interested in moving to 2 locations. I think this shows that these graduates have relocated for university and would want to either stay where they are studying or return to their home town.

The remaining 39% of graduates are out to work in 3 or more locations after they finish studying which shows that a large proportion of graduates coming out of university in Australia are very flexible and are keen to do whatever it takes to find a good opportunity. I think this is the group I would have fallen into when I finished studying at university as I was keen to move anywhere  I could secure an opportunity, I even considered going to Norway at one point.

Summing Up

So it seems that the majority of Australian graduates, 56% to be precise, are motivated to relocate once they finish studying which is a good sign for locations such as Western Australia, Queensland and Canberra as these centres do have a high demand for graduates but don’t’ have the largest numbers of graduates studying there compared to Sydney and Melbourne.

Source  :  http://www.gradconnection.com.au/blog/goverment-graduate-recruitment/australian-graduates-ready-to-relocate-for-graduate-jobs.html


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Relocating from the UK and now living in Perth I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be here with two young children, the great outdoorperth-children life with the room to roam the parks and gardens of  WA, most with no entry fee. 

Living the outdoor life in Perth City we are lucky enough to have the recreational facilities on our doorstep. 

Kings Park is definately for me the daddy of all parks with the fantastic location and views which managed to bring a tear to my eye the first time I ever went.

There are other free entry parks to enjoy such as Whiteman Park where families can enjoy a day out with cycle paths, walking trails, bbq’s, paddling pool and childrens play areas.  There is a wildlife park there which does charge for entry, you can walk through the Kangaroos and see the Koalas.

Wanneroo has a great park called Rotary Park which has just been refurbished to a very high standard with a fantastic play area for the children, great park for birthday celebrations with bbq’s available.

Also in Wanneroo are the Botanical Gardens with older style gardens, leafy hideaways, waterlily filled ponds and waterfalls.  This has a charge of $4 entry for adults which includes a tea or coffee, free entry for the children.  Mini golf is there which is an extra cost.  It is also great place to listen to free live music on a Friday and Saturday nights.

With all the parks, gardens and beaches in  Perth WA  if you pack a picnic or make use of the barbecue facilities, you can have a great day out without a great deal of cost.

Now I’m off to pick the kids up from school,  grab a pizza from Eable Boys for $10,  go to our local park eat our pizza and the kids can play on a winters day !! 

How Lucky am I.

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Every year, thousands of people from New Zealand and all over the world move to Perth, Australia. The capital of Western Australia, Perth offers a wonderful lifestyle for relocating professionals. Although it is not as populated as Sydney or Melbourne, Perth is situated on the Swan River and the Indian Ocean.

An important part of the relocation process is to transfer your foreign exchange money. With global economic uncertainties, more people are looking for increased financial security and in particular guaranteed exchange rates. Whether you are buying property in Perth as a primary home, for retirement or as an investment, there are a range of foreign currency exchange transactions required before and most likely after you move. Most property vendors in Australia require a 5% to 10% deposit once you sign the property purchase contract with the balance payable upon settlement which is typically 60 to 90 days.

Having a foreign exchange rate specialist such as HiFX will allow you to protect yourself against adverse foreign exchange rate movements.


How does HiFX’s Exchange Rate Guarantee work?With HiFX, you can fix the currency exchange rate now, by paying an upfront premium (similar to an insurance premium) and decide on expiration date whether the current market rate is better or worse than that guaranteed. If it is worse, you simply exercise the contract for the rate guaranteed. If the market rate is better, you let your Exchange Rate Guarantee lapse and transact at the current market level, taking advantage of the gain. It is important to remember that buying a property in Perth http://www.realestate.com.au/realestate/wa/perth without fixing the exchange rate at the outset is a risky exchange rate strategy.



HIFX helps over 25,000 people buy and transfer foreign currency every year and so when you are planning on relocating to Perth, Australia, be sure to order an exchange rate information pack

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