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If interested in attending these seminars please Email : info@immagine-immigration.com  

IMMagine Australia is an Australian based Immigration Consultancy that specialise in immigration to Australia. We will be holding a number of Australia Immigration Seminars and consultations in South Africa and Singapore for those people interested in Australia immigration / emigrating to Australia.

The Australian Immigration Seminars include information about:                                                                                         australia_kangaroo
Australia’s immigration policy and any recent changes;
the Australia immigration process;
the impact of moving to Australia;
finding a job in Australia;
Australia’s cost of living, taxation, salaries, the education system and;
what Australia has to offer those interested in emigration.
We will also discuss the global economic environment and how it might impact on your immigration plans.

We are specifically interested in those people with Degrees, Trade Qualifications, National Diplomas, business people, the self employed and those with family in Australia.

We are specifically interested in those people with Degrees, Trade Qualifications, National Diplomas, business people, the self employed and those with family in Australia.

Please select a country below to view full seminar details and reserve a place:

South African Immigration Seminars
Register for a seminar today!

Cape Town – Wednesday 13 May 09 at 7.00 p.m.
Durban – Monday 18 May 09 at 7.00 p.m.
Johannesburg – Thursday 4 June 09 at 7.00 p.m

Singapore – Saturday 6 June 09 at 12.30 p.m

Singapore Immigration Seminars
Email : info@immagine-immigration.com


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Every year, thousands of people from New Zealand and all over the world move to Perth, Australia. The capital of Western Australia, Perth offers a wonderful lifestyle for relocating professionals. Although it is not as populated as Sydney or Melbourne, Perth is situated on the Swan River and the Indian Ocean.

An important part of the relocation process is to transfer your foreign exchange money. With global economic uncertainties, more people are looking for increased financial security and in particular guaranteed exchange rates. Whether you are buying property in Perth as a primary home, for retirement or as an investment, there are a range of foreign currency exchange transactions required before and most likely after you move. Most property vendors in Australia require a 5% to 10% deposit once you sign the property purchase contract with the balance payable upon settlement which is typically 60 to 90 days.

Having a foreign exchange rate specialist such as HiFX will allow you to protect yourself against adverse foreign exchange rate movements.


How does HiFX’s Exchange Rate Guarantee work?With HiFX, you can fix the currency exchange rate now, by paying an upfront premium (similar to an insurance premium) and decide on expiration date whether the current market rate is better or worse than that guaranteed. If it is worse, you simply exercise the contract for the rate guaranteed. If the market rate is better, you let your Exchange Rate Guarantee lapse and transact at the current market level, taking advantage of the gain. It is important to remember that buying a property in Perth http://www.realestate.com.au/realestate/wa/perth without fixing the exchange rate at the outset is a risky exchange rate strategy.



HIFX helps over 25,000 people buy and transfer foreign currency every year and so when you are planning on relocating to Perth, Australia, be sure to order an exchange rate information pack

For further information on our foreign exchange services, please call our Private Client Desk on +61 (0)2 9251 2626 or complete the foreign exchange call me back service to have one of our representatives call you at your convenience.

Call now for our specialist advice

Open 8am to 6pm Mon–Fri.

+61 (2) 8270 4500

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