Bet and Bob Poole, Coogee

Bet and Bob are retired war veteran pensioners, courtesy of Bob’s service as a merchant marine in World War II. The married couple receives $957.80 a fortnight in pension payments from the Federal Government.
What they wanted:
. A pension rise;
. Married couple pensioners to receive the same amount of pension as two single pensioners.
. Increased benefits for pensioner prescriptions
. Maintenance of the 30 per cent private health insurance rebate.
. Greater health support for veterans injured in war.
What they got:
. Increased pensions – by $32.49 for singles and $10.14 per couple.
The verdict:
“What a I going to do with my $5, go out and buy a loaf of bread?” Bob deadpanned.
“The pensioners are supposed to be the big winners out of this.